Trinity Avenue Presbyterian Church

Durham, NC

Established in 1922, the Trinity Avenue Presbyterian Church campus is located two blocks east of the Duke University Campus.  What had once been a quiet residential neighborhood, had over the years developed and become more prominent. To address these changes, the church implemented a three-phase development plan.

To allow for the expansion of the campus, the first phase required that a stream, which bisected the property, be piped.  With this phase complete, the second phase, a 13,500 square foot fellowship and education building was undertaken in the style of the existing facilities.  Located along the eastern edge of the site, the new facility completes the formal composition of the campus.

To provide a more fitting public face for the complex, a new entry narthex was created as the third phase.  Surmounted by a chapel, with commanding views of the surrounding neighborhood, the space links the sanctuary and administration areas and functions as the central circulation hub of the newly linked campus.

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Clancy and Theys Construction Company

Structural :

Stewart Engineering

Mechanical / Electrical:

Atlantec Engineers

Civil :

Coulter Jewell Thames


Mark Lamkin


2003 Neighborhood Conservation Award presented by the Historic Preservation Society of Durham.