UNC-Greensboro Chancellor’s House

Greensboro, NC

Built in the 1920’s, the UNC-Greensboro Chancellor’s House is a Georgian Revival mansion that was designed by the architect Harry Barton.  Over its illustrious history, the structure served as the home of every university chancellor except one.  Slated for demolition, the 420–ton brick structure was stabilized and relocated approximately nine hundred feet west to a prominent site on Kenilworth Avenue.  

The six thousand square foot building was placed on a new foundation and completely renovated.  The building received extensive cosmetic and structural upgrades.  These included new wiring, modern heating and cooling systems and an elevator for accessibility to all levels.  The facility now serves as the new Admissions and Visitor’s Center for the university. 

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Progressive Contracting Company Incorporated

Structural :

SGI Engineering

Mechanical / Electrical:

Alamance Consulting Engineers

Civil :

Stimmel Associates


Mark Lamkin