Jervay House

Wilmington, NC

Jervay House is an eight unit living facility for people with disabilities in Wilmington, NC. The facility was designed as part of the NC Housing Finance Agency Supportive Housing Program. This program strives to provide housing for those of limited means that is energy efficient to the greatest extent possible. To achieve this goal, the project uses a passive solar design that has received System Vision Certification. The building form and orientation were a direct result of these mandates. The 6,131 square foot facility is arranged along a central spine. Living areas front the spine on both sides. The ends are left open for entry and egress. This arrangement reduces energy consumption and provides significant daylight to each of the units.

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Design Synergy, P.A.

Mechanical / Electrical:

Atlantec Engineers, P.A.


ESP Associates, P.A.


Harold K. Jordan & Company, Inc.


Mirror Creative, Simon See