Bin 54

Chapel Hill, NC

Bin 54 is a boutique steakhouse that is located in the shell space of a previous restaurant.  The layout of the original space directed the new design.  The primary back-of-house and kitchen components were retained while the existing dining, bar area and restrooms were demolished.  All areas were updated and refashioned to create a new sophisticated environment.  A limited budget required the efficient use of millwork and lighting and the design was complemented by tasteful decorations supplied by the owner.

Like most steakhouses, the owner required that the space have a traditional, masculine aesthetic.  To soften this, they also requested that the design include some elements that were more feminine in style.  The use of dark woods and leather accents creates a strong, substantial environment.  Large pendant light fixtures that include paisley print shades in warm colors add a touch of refinement.  The contrast between these elements results in an underlying tension that enlivens the space.

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Mechanical / Electrical:

Atlantec Engineers


Marc Lamkin