Home for Two Chefs

Chapel Hill, NC

The 4,700 square foot residence, for two nationally recognized chefs, is located along Morgan Creek, on ten acres, just west of Chapel Hill. Sited to maximize views of the creek and the surrounding landscape, the home includes a study, wine cellar and substantial exterior entertaining areas.

The Owner desired that the house meet their contemporary needs, while still being rooted in the rich vernacular history of the local area. To accomplish this, the architect looked to the mill house prototype - an architectural form that is synonymous with the textile mill villages that were located throughout North Carolina at the turn of the last... century.

As one might expect, the house is centered around the formal dining area. This space links the double height living room and kitchen, providing unobstructed views through the house. The gracious screened porch that dominates the west elevation balances the main level master suite, to the east. An expansive exterior porch unifies the composition and provides an additional reference to the local architectural heritage.

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