Tise Residence

Chapel Hill, NC

The Tise Residence is located on a steep wooded site just south of Chapel Hill, NC. The 2,800 square feet home is located in a natural clearing and is sited to maximize views toward a creek that borders the property.  The home is efficiently designed around the day to day activities of the owners in order to eliminate unnecessary square footage and increase energy efficiency.

The plan is laid out along a curved circulation spine that connects a series of contained living spaces. This circulation path overlaps the adjacent spaces and shares space with each. The sense of containment is defined by dropped beams in some areas and curved ceilings in others. The windows are simple punched openings which provide specific views down the sloped site while at the same time providing privacy.

One of the important design considerations for the project was energy efficiency. This was achieved through a combination of factors. The house is oriented thirty degrees to true north. This allows all sides of the house to receive direct sunlight at some point during the day. Harsh summer sun is mitigated through the use of large roof overhangs. TKa worked with Environmental Quality Controls to design and install the mechanical and insulation components as a single cohesive system for maximum return.  The building orientation, detailing and a compact plan contribute to superior energy efficiency.

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SGI Engineering

Mechanical / Engineering:

Environmental Quality Controls


Tiseā€Kiester Architects


Krichco Construction


Marc Lamkin


2011 AIA Triangle Design Awards Program Residential Tour Award presented AIA Triangle